1. Agony (Acoustic Session) — Paloma Faith.

    From 2012, but just a wee bit obsessed with this song… because of, well… reasons. 


  2. Goodbye Bobby Lu. Wishing you nothing but the best in Florida! 


  3. Jeff Ament, 1993, Montreal | Between Rome and Dublin. Photography: Lance Mercer.


  4. Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready, Rockcandy, Seattle, 1991. Photography: Lance Mercer.


  5. "Vs." Olympic Peninsula, 1993. Photography: Lance Mercer.


  6. Americans like Doctor Who because it makes them feel British and bow-ties really are cooler.


    B.A. (Honours) Sociology, University of British Columbia. 

    Fans in America: Doctor Who, the Consumption of Transnational Television Texts and the Cultural Economy of Fandom 

    Aww yiss. Made it!


  7. Eddie Vedder onstage. Moore Theater Seattle, 1992 | Lollapalooza San Francisco, 1992 | Drop in the Park Seattle, 1993. Photography: Charles Peterson & Lance Mercer.


  8. Eddie Vedder crowdsurfing at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, 1992. Photography: Lance Mercer.


  9. Eddie Vedder in Istanbul, 1996. Photography: Charles Peterson.


  10. Throwback Thursday: Pearl Jam edition.


  11. Pearl Jam - Better Man (Live Acoustic Version)

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    I adore this acoustic version of Better Man by Pearl Jam; it’s such a wonderful take on an already perfect song. You can buy it on iTunes as part of The Bridge School Concerts 25th Anniversary Edition or stream it on Rdio.


  12. New (old) coffee table book. Pearl Jam place/date.


  13. A cloudy December afternoon at Marble Beach, Trincomalee.


  14. pearljam in concert at Rogers Arena, December 4, 2013. What an amazing three-and-a-half hour set!